Highland Park

This peaceful and laid-back community sits within the 500-acre Highland Park proper, with the Allegheny River flowing to the north.

Welcome to Highland Park

Pittsburgh’s best bet for peaceful, urban living
Nationally recognized as a Residential Historic District, Highland Park sits to the northeast of Pittsburgh and is surrounded by 500 acres of green space. Stately mansions and restored homes make up the majority of the properties located in this neighborhood, along with new construction homes and apartment buildings. There are just over 6,000 residents living in Highland Park - most are young professionals, families, students, and retirees. This peaceful and laid-back community sits within the 500-acre Highland Park proper, with the Allegheny River flowing to the north.
In 2007, Highland Park was named a Residential Historic District, officially marking the significance of the 18th and 19th-century homes in the neighborhood. The charming Victorian, Tudor, and Colonial homes mixed with a bustling business district make Highland Park a sought-after community for peaceful, suburban living.

What to love

  • The laid-back and quiet atmosphere of the community
  • The Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium
  • Creativity hub of the Union Project Community Center

Local Lifestyle

Local businesses thrive in this suburban and peaceful stretch of land. Everything you need is within walking distance, and commute times to the city are just under 30 minutes. Highland Park has everything you’d want in a quiet yet fun place to live. Homes in this area are primarily single-family structures with large yards between each property. Highland Park is especially beautiful because the neighborhood sits within the large municipal park with the same name. Residents can have it all in this neighborhood — trendy shops within walking distance and plenty of outdoor opportunities to enjoy for all ages.

Dining, entertainment, and shopping

Highland Park offers plenty to do along the Bryant Street Business district. From cozy restaurants to unique upscale boutiques, Highland Park has entertainment for all ages - and all within walking distance! For the best neighborhood gathering spot, visit Park Bruges, inspired by the quaint bistros of Europe. At any time of day, you will find friends gathered at Park Bruges for good conversation, friendly service, and unique European-inspired dishes. Another option is the Smiling Banana Leaf, which offers adventurous and delicious Thai food and boasts hundreds of five-star reviews on Yelp.
For an upscale night out, Joseph Tambellini’s Restaurant offers elegant Italian meals and handcrafted signature desserts. Pair an excellent bottle of wine from their extensive Italian and California wine list with their delicious chicken piccata for the ultimate evening on the patio. For indoor dining options, the restaurant offers seating on three different floors, all with their own unique theme.
If you’re looking to grab a cup of Joe for your day out in the business district, Tazza D’oro is the spot. Offering craft coffee and a menu of locally sourced ingredients, Tazza D’oro is everyone’s neighborhood coffee shop. Their welcoming atmosphere and laid-back vibe encourage people to grab coffee with friends, read a book, or simply relax with a cappuccino on the patio.

Things to do

Highland Park was founded in 1889 when the city realized there was a need for clean drinking water. They established a reservoir system, which is now the number-one attraction of the historic Highland Park. This iconic and expansive cistern sits just beyond the stunning Entry Garden, a Victorian-style meeting place with fountains, pools, and benches. Residents can explore over 500 acres of green space, hiking trails, the Bud Harris Cycling Track, the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, volleyball courts, and a swimming pool. The park is a favorite place to go for a peaceful day in nature or a fun family picnic.
Located within the 500-acre park lies the famous Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium. The zoo opened its doors in 1898 and has experienced extensive renovations and additions within the last century. In 2015, they unveiled a 22,000 square-foot island exhibit featuring beaches, crocodiles, tortoises, Visayan warty pigs, and clouded leopards. Fun for the whole family, the zoo and aquarium offer plenty of activities and special events throughout the year. It’s a Pittsburgh “must-see” and a favorite spot for residents and tourists alike.
Nuin Wellness Center is Pittsburgh’s premier holistic and integrative wellness center and is conveniently located within Highland Park. Make an appointment to meet with a chiropractor, spiritual counselor, Reiki master, or holistic psychotherapist to bring your mind, body, and spirit in alignment.
The Highland Park Union Project Community Center uses art as a bridge to bring communities together. They focus on helping citizens become more empathetic and inclusive by offering educational art classes in various mediums for all ages. Local artists can use the historic, 35-foot vaulted ceiling church as a studio space, and community members can also rent it out for special events.


There are several notable, high-achieving schools in the Highland Park neighborhood. A few schools include:
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