Connecting Clients From Coast to Coast

Connecting Clients From Coast to Coast

  • Allison Pochapin
  • 04/10/24

As a real estate agent, my business thrives on referrals both local and national. Over the past 18 months, I've seen a significant influx of clients moving to Pittsburgh (PGH) from various cities across the country. From New York to Austin, Salt Lake City to Washington DC, and even as far as Portland and Seattle, I've been fortunate to assist clients in finding their dream homes in PGH and beyond. 


Active client referrals have been a key part of my business, with clients relocating from Virginia, Nashville, and San Francisco to Pittsburgh, trusting me to guide them through the real estate process. Since joining Compass in 2021, 80% of my clients have been some sort of referral, whether from past clients, people in my sphere, or other agents, and 10% have been Compass-to-Compass referrals. The collaborative nature of the group and the unstoppable network of agents have proven to be invaluable resources, allowing me to provide exceptional service to my clients. 


Why is this valuable to my clients? Having an expanded network means more opportunities for you! Whether you’re relocating, looking for insights into other areas, or looking for investment opportunities outside of your current city, I can help! 


Real estate markets vary significantly from one region to another. Having referral partners across the country means that I have access to local market insights and trends in various locations. This information can be valuable for you if you are considering buying or selling property in different areas. For clients who are relocating, or have friends in need of a relocation specialist, to a new city or state, having an agent with referral partners in the destination area can streamline the process. I can refer you to trusted professionals in the new location, such as other real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or relocation specialists, making the transition smoother.


Some clients may be interested in diversifying their real estate investment portfolio across different geographic locations. As an agent with referral partners across the country, I can help identify investment opportunities in various markets, leveraging my network to find suitable properties and investment strategies.


Last fall, I listed the home of my clients, Sarah and Scott, before their move to Austin due to a job relocation. They sought assistance in finding a local agent in Austin to help them secure a rental. Fortunately, I had previously connected with Brooke during a Compass retreat in 2022 and maintained communication with her since. Brooke is known for her dedication and stellar reputation in the field. Knowing Sarah and Scott would appreciate her professionalism, I introduced them. Brooke promptly took note of their rental preferences and arranged showings for their upcoming visit. With Brooke's expertise, they found the ideal temporary rental, which they loved so much that they enlisted her help in finding a permanent home just a few months later. This experience exemplifies the strength of the referral network I am cultivating.


Referrals are the lifeblood of a real estate business, and the strong network I've cultivated within Compass and beyond has played a crucial role in my clients’ success. I am eager to expand this network further and help more clients find their ideal homes in Pittsburgh and beyond.

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